Imagine a needle floating in empty space? Are you done? The image that’s on your mind would have been the image of the automotive industry without Toyota: the automotive giants. It all started in 1924, with the invention of a unique engine which stopped itself when it had any problem. This was invented by Sakichi Toyoda. However, this company was mainly founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. From there on the company grew massively and went to become one of the largest producers of cars. They were the first company ever to have an annual production of 10 million cars.

Just so you know they have a city named after them in Japan- that’s how big they are. Toyota has been successful in branding and gaining the trust of its audience. The dominance of Toyota in the Asian market still persists and shows promises of staying. Toyota is a very versatile company-they don’t just produce a single type of car. They have their luxury car line-ups: Toyota Crown series, Toyota Harrier Lexus etc. Also they have their sports car: Toyota Supra, Toyota Celica. However, the type of vehicle that, I believe, landed them on the pinnacle of commercial success is the car applicable for the everyday use of ordinary people. These include Toyota Premio, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Allion etc. Toyota is not falling behind even in the SUV market. In fact they are producers of the most enduring ( Toyota Hilux) and even the most luxurious ( Toyota Prado) SUVs.

Toyota has also made its contributions to an automotive industry free of pollutions. They did this with their hybrid car series: Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius has the marvelous engineering which enables it switch between internal combustion power and electric motor power and thus allowing the minimal greenhouse gas emission. In fact Toyota is the first ever market producers of Hybrid vehicles. The total sales by Toyota and Lexus of hybrid vehicles reached a breathtaking landmark of 10 million. The Prius family-as of January 2017- holds the title of the most hybrid vehicle seller amounting of a whopping 6 million units sold worldwide.
The Toyota brand produces cars under five brands including Toyota, Hino, Lexus, Daihatsu and Ranz. All five brands have achieved global prosperity on their specified fields. For examples Hino buses are loved globally whereas Lexus’s luxurious SUVs have truly become a status symbol.

What makes the Toyota Company unique is its reaches on many other fields other than automotive. For example: Robotics, Higher education, Philanthropy and even agricultural and sewing technologies. Toyota specializes on sports cars part with their TRD ( the racing development) brand. This brand is also loved by sports lovers globally. Other than that Toyota has a very rich racing history. Toyota Motorsport GmbH is a Toyota company based in Cologne, Germany. It employs around 200 people in a 30,000m factory and provides motorsport and automotive services to fellow Toyota companies and to outside clients.

Toyota is an exemplary multinational in the automotive industry whose legacy is unmatched and unrivalled.

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