The Tiger automobile brand takes us into the wild with this gorgeous and monster sized vehicle known as “SIBERIAN”. This is a strong reminder that the Siberian tiger is the largest and most dominant wild cat in existence. The Siberian RV can be likened to the wildcat in its size, agility and power. Built to face and seamlessly navigate the roughest of terrains, this big boy isn’t just an aggressive player but is also one of the most beautiful and sophisticated luxury vehicles ever made. The Siberian has an aluminum structure with a 3 point mounting mechanism for the coach.

The Siberian, being the largest model of the Tiger brand comes with a tremendously spacious interior and is powered by standard 900AMP batteries, 600 watt solar power panels, dual inverters which are used mainly for high capacity electronics such as the microwaves and air-condition. It comes with dual engine alternators which automatically charges the coach batteries while on the road. The diesel powered vehicle has all the features needed to make that road trip a most comfortable one. By now you are probably itching to know what lies inside the lair of the wild cat! Let us take a tour through the interior of the Siberian.


The floor is extremely spacious made of polished wood, a dry bath which is equally spacious, a large bed (74×45 couches), an entertainment system; a cabinet made completely out of bamboo and LED lighting.
It is family friendly as well, with a stainless steel sink, a two-way compressor freezer and refrigerator for food storage, adequate drawers for a large wardrobe owner, a microwave and stove vent.
The dry bath is separated from the porcelain toilet. Other features include drinking water filtration system, an “L” shaped sofa which can unfold into a double bed, quality vinyl upholstery.


The exterior is built entirely of aluminum, wielding insulation between the two inch thick cavities. The coach is built into the body off the vehicle with 3 attachment points. The Siberian has a towing capability of about 9,000 lbs and has automatic folding electric steps.


Interior height – 6ft 8inches
Interior width – 7ft 0inches
Interior length – 12ft 8inches
19 inches LCD flat-screen TV


The tiger automobile brand specializes in the manufacturing of aggressive off road vehicles that can withstand weather and terrain challenges, the Siberian however, pushes the limits in its very peculiar and highly dramatic features, fearless and ready to explore extremities. The monster comes with a 4WD, upgraded skid plates and shocks, off-road tires and lights.


The Siberian has a self sustained power system which can hold out for quite a long period of time. The power sources are AGM batteries which carry 900amp hours, engine alternators, and a standard 600 watt solar with MPPT controllers.

The Siberian model is available on ford F550 or Ram 550 chassis. It’s very impressive structure and interior design has proven it to be the ultimate road trip vehicle.

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