”Silence is golden”. The saying literally takes form when explaining the value of a silent engine. Noise can be distracting, ranging from engines to tires and let’s not forget wind noise. Stealth can be very advantageous at certain situation and that is aside from the unnecessary noise pollution. Thanks to modern technology there are upgrades developed to silence the roaring beast. Engine noise can drastically reduce by a suppressive exhaust system and softer engines. Tire noises can easily be reduced by the use of non-aggressive tires. The wind whistles can be erased by the application of various Aerodynamics concepts such as Acoustic glass.

Let us discuss 5 Automobiles with completely silent engines and their mechanisms.


This fully electric vehicle is completely silent due to the absence of an internal combustion engine. You may experience wind noise when it is at top speed but asides that the Tesla is one of the silent beauties.


This hybrid vehicle is very efficient in fuel conservations. It’s alternating use of both its electric and fuel engine gives it a significant amount of sound reduction. The amount of high strength steel used in the vehicle structure also plays a key role in sound reduction.


Even though the A8 has the ability to roar when you step on it, at the same time it has sound mitigation system and dual pane acoustic glass which keeps noise at an all-time low. The exquisite and luxurious interior of the vehicle makes it more of a relaxation spot.


This is a hybrid version of its predecessor, the Mercedes top of the range sedan. The Alternation between Electric and fuel engine not only assists in fuel economy but also neutralizes noise. The additional weight of this car might be a downside due to additional batteries but the vehicle .Provides a smooth and quiet experience.


Unlike other compact cars this one is surprisingly quiet. The Hyundai Elantra features a few upgrades such as high strength structure, sub-frame mounted front suspension and thicker glass planes.

These are our choice list for silent engine 2016 and perhaps choice to consider when making a vehicle purchase.

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