Miro Wheels Partners with Canadian wheel distributor

Formerly known as ALT wheels in 1995, which provided great alternatives for all-purpose wheels, the brand decided to change name to a more suitable meaning that mirrored the level of perfection that the brand had attained through the years and then “MIRO” was born. This wasn’t just a change from one brand name to the other; it was a complete overhaul, a revolutionary upgrade from perfection to infinite perfection. The desire and passion that drives the brand and is engineers is founded on the need to give the world a better version of life as a vehicle owner. ALT wheels was one of the earliest starters as a wheel manufacturing company and had amassed quite a reputation for outstanding achievements, this not only rubbed off on the new brand name but also spurred a new dare to achieve more than it ever has. Car enthusiasts have greatly appraised the quality and consistency of the MIRO brand of wheels.

black miro 111 rims for sale in canada
miro 111 wheels for sale

New technology has changed the nature and processes of productions down to the very materials used and the standards that must be achieved for safety and durability. These are the conditions that every manufacturing brand must meet to stay in business. While some brands struggle to stay afloat and abreast with current technology and trends, some are equipped with the advantage to stay ahead of the game with the finest technology, the best designs, and the most skilled engineers in the business and the most standard facility that supports all manufacturing and testing processes.

MIRO wheels came into the market in 2006, in the heat of evolution and took a front row seat to the ever changing world to wheel engineering.  The brand spirit remains high and equal to the task in an industry filled with very credible competition.

MIRO and Quality

Quality is a word that defines the MIRO brand as every wheel set manufactured goes through the toughest testing challenges which spares no rod in pushing the wheels to their limits. These tests ensure that every wheel set is strong and fit to take on the great outdoors. MIRO brings over 21 years of experience to the table and gives over 100% on every production. This is why wheel brands always choose MIRO wheels.

Miro 111 wheels for sale at revwekrs in silver paint
Miro 111 rims in silver finish

Latest product to watch out for

Every wheel brand has that wheel in every few sets that steals the night; this is no exception for the MIRO brand. The latest Miro 111 wheels powers up as a form forged favorite with one of the best performance and yet with a minimized weight of 21 pounds on every 19 inch metal gear. This design is built to enhance vehicle features such as torque and horse power. The miro 111 stands bold with the most aggressive fitments and structure.

MIRO offers a range of styles that are 18-20 in diameter, 8.5-10.5 in width. Available company finishes are matte black, silver and machined silver. Styling includes split spoke designs, 6-spoke, and multi-spoke. Every design is well tailored to suit your every need. Customization’s are also available on request.

Brixton Forged Wheels

Every individual Brixton Forged wheel set is totally considered and made in the California based assembling office. Since the starting, Brixton Forged has deliberately delivered locally. Subsequently, they make full utilization of the exceptional gifts of their Engineers and keep up full control over the nature of their wheels at each phase of the assembling procedure. Conveying the finest, light-weight execution wheel in its class, their execution propelled rationality has driven them to outperform the impediments characterized by customary wheel organizations. Changing with the seasons, each Brixton Forged wheel set is really composed, designed, tried and made solely for us.

Since the starting, Brixton Forged has intentionally delivered locally. Each wheel set experiences a thorough outline and building process; doing as such guarantees an exact last item enveloping the majority of the dynamic needs of their customer vehicles while mixing our own tastes, from fitment and setups to wraps up. At this stage, each wheel set experiences a full Finite Element Analysis (FEA) considering control weight, dynamic cornering weakness, dynamic spiral weariness and reproduced affect testing as indicated by SAE, JWL and VIA measures. Once finished and checked by their Engineers, the last model is sent to programming for machine profiling and processing operations.

Each profile offered is a one of a kind mix of lines, bends and radii drawn up by their Engineers. At this stage, the crude aluminum fashioning is machined to the harsh profile of the wheel set requested and is painstakingly etched to expand concavity or edge half profundity relying upon the application. Profiles are particularly advanced to make more tightly machining resistances which limits deleting and abundance aluminum, bringing about a lightweight fashioned wheel with the most astounding basic unbending nature.

Once the ideal profile is accomplished, the crude aluminum parts come to the HAAS CNC Mill where the Engineers configuration is changed over into complex crude G-Code intended to be perused by the factory. This is the place plans wake up as the G-Code orders push the factory through a progression of pre-chosen device sets and processing ways into the substance of a strong square of fashioned aluminum. Utilizing the most elevated quality CNC plants accessible in industry today; we can accomplish amazingly tight resilience, limiting any edge run out and surface imperfections.

Each segment of crude processed aluminum needs to experience many phases of deburring, hand documenting, buffing and cleaning before it is prepared for covering. An accumulation of apparatuses permit our experts to record and shape each profile to flawlessness, each edge gets the consideration of a couple hands before it is prepared for definite covering. This is the phase where high-shine completes and brushed completions are accomplished; wheels with various tones or brushed and high-brilliance blends will go through the powder covering and metal completing offices upwards of four times.

Every one of our fashioned and processed focuses is mounted to aluminum spun-manufactured edge parts produced using local airplane review aluminum. Each edge half is warmth treated twice and fashioned until the aluminum achieves full elasticity guaranteeing greatest strength and the execution expected in a Brixton Forged item.

The combination of crude metal and paint completes off the pieces before making a beeline for definite get together. Their group uses a blend of fluid paints and powder covering forms so as to accomplish a particular and frequently interesting completion to their produced wheel gathering. They are dependably during the time spent creating and exploring new hues or mixes of hues with metal completions to offer their customers something really remarkable.

Their hazy completions are strong powder coats hand chose every year by the group here at Brixton Forged in a joint effort with their worldwide accomplices. They have faith in not just offering the most dazzling completions, their group chooses additionally esteeming the assessments of their worldwide organizations and bound together vision for each season. Strong hues fluctuate in shade and smoothness, including gleam, matte, glossy silk and finished choices.

Their exceptional two organize straightforward completions are made through the blend of either high shine 600 coarseness cleaned or 120 coarseness brushed aluminum took after by layers of great straightforward powder coat mixes. The outcome is a complete that is obviously itemized and handmade.
(120 coarseness brushed matte, 120 coarseness brushed sparkle, 600 coarseness cleaned matte, 600 coarseness cleaned gleam)

The exclusively customized encounter proceeds with the distance down to the littlest points of interest, similar to their custom-made focus top accents. Here you can shading match the top highlight to another element on their wheel set, complete it off with an unobtrusive hazy complete or create an impression with one of their superior high brilliance or brushed sweetened up completions.

Under typical and sensible utilize, wheels created by Brixton Forged are lifetime justified against STRUCTURAL DEFECT in material the length of the ORIGINAL proprietor/buyer possesses the wheels. Under ordinary and sensible utilize, wheels delivered by Brixton Forged Wheels are justified against imperfection in complete to the ORIGINAL proprietor/buyer for a time of two years from the date of procurement. This guarantee is restricted to the repair or substitution of wheels, at the carefulness of Brixton Forged, for any wheels resolved to be faulty and secured under guarantee. Establishment costs, transportation expenses or loss of utilization is not secured under this guarantee. Extras resolved to be damaged in workmanship or materials while the wheel is under guarantee will be repaired or supplanted. Wheels won’t be supplanted because of deformities in embellishments.

People should buy it because concerning the administration and all the procedure; it appears to be helpful and superior to anything different wheels. Also, individuals ought to get it since it is rich and very cool to utilize.


“Finish em!” In virtual reality video games the most powerful and mind blowing actions actually comes at the end of the fight. It is usually either flamboyant or most aggressive and leaves spectators in awe and a desperate need for more. These actions are usually the finishes!

The Avant garde wheel finishes are not exactly gory but they leave you with very similar emotions; Feelings of excitement, ecstasy and pure awe. It can be said that the Avant garde deliberately awakens human emotions by introducing the most exotic and extraordinary designs that meet aesthetic standards and customer desires. Each finishing is meticulously administered to give that needed glow. The Avant garde wheel brand not only manufactures quality luxury wheels to suit your vehicle but also makes sure you get the best buy for your money by making sure every wheel set is put through tests to ensure quality and safety. The brand also offers professional advice and assistance on the best bet and fitment for your automobile. Avant garde specializes in administering the best finishes, some of these include:

  • Smoked mirror – M652
  • Brushed aluminum – M652
  • Matte brushed black – M615
  • Matte antique bronze – M610
  • Brushed turquoise – M615
  • Polished copper – m590
  • Gloss grigio – m580
  • Candy teal – M540
  • Gloss white – M540
  • Matte red – F551
  • Technical titanium – F441
  • Brushed black nickel – F411
  • Neo chrome – F133
  • Electron blue – M615
  • Lucida white – F120
  • Machine silver – M652
  • Brushed candy apple  – M621
  • Gold bullion – F111
  • Brushed frozen latte – F351
  • Matte antique bronze – M580

The Avant garde wheel brand offers the latest and the best finishes with innumerable option of colors and a great warranty. It is definitely a brand to look out for in the future as it sets to dominate the wheel industry.