“Finish em!” In virtual reality video games the most powerful and mind blowing actions actually comes at the end of the fight. It is usually either flamboyant or most aggressive and leaves spectators in awe and a desperate need for more. These actions are usually the finishes!

The Avant garde wheel finishes are not exactly gory but they leave you with very similar emotions; Feelings of excitement, ecstasy and pure awe. It can be said that the Avant garde deliberately awakens human emotions by introducing the most exotic and extraordinary designs that meet aesthetic standards and customer desires. Each finishing is meticulously administered to give that needed glow. The Avant garde wheel brand not only manufactures quality luxury wheels to suit your vehicle but also makes sure you get the best buy for your money by making sure every wheel set is put through tests to ensure quality and safety. The brand also offers professional advice and assistance on the best bet and fitment for your automobile. Avant garde specializes in administering the best finishes, some of these include:

  • Smoked mirror – M652
  • Brushed aluminum – M652
  • Matte brushed black – M615
  • Matte antique bronze – M610
  • Brushed turquoise – M615
  • Polished copper – m590
  • Gloss grigio – m580
  • Candy teal – M540
  • Gloss white – M540
  • Matte red – F551
  • Technical titanium – F441
  • Brushed black nickel – F411
  • Neo chrome – F133
  • Electron blue – M615
  • Lucida white – F120
  • Machine silver – M652
  • Brushed candy apple  – M621
  • Gold bullion – F111
  • Brushed frozen latte – F351
  • Matte antique bronze – M580

The Avant garde wheel brand offers the latest and the best finishes with innumerable option of colors and a great warranty. It is definitely a brand to look out for in the future as it sets to dominate the wheel industry.

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